The Latest Word...

Update August 6, 2010

We still miss Aspyn more than words can ever say, and even 8 years later it is just as hard as it was the day we lost her.  We still do not have a specific diagnoses and really don't know how or why she got so sick on July 13th.  We were so blessed to have her in our lives even if it was only 8 months.  She continues to touch the hearts of strangers and she has forever changed the lives of many!

On November 24, 2003 we were blessed with another beautiful little girl, Aspyn's baby sister Gentry Hope.  We understand her chances of having the same condition as Aspyn is at least 25% or greater if the condition is maternal.  She is almost 7 years old and thankfully shows no signs of Mitochondrial disease.  We are so thankful and so happy to have her in our life, she makes each day amazing!